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AMBIT Youngerz is a kick-start holiday club for children aged 5-12.

We support children with Special Educational Needs. Following our AMBIT model, our themed camps encourage young learners to work together, adopt social responsibility within mini workshops and team games, and instils self-awareness through Montessori arts and crafts, sports and free play.

AMBIT Youngerz is a kick-start holiday club for children aged 5-12


We support children with Special Educational Needs


Following our AMBIT model, our themed camps instil self-awareness through Montessori arts and crafts and mini workshops, encouraging young learners to work together in team projects and games, and promotes social responsibility through our AMBIT attitude values - good, better, best.


i am GOOD to myself and those around me!
i can do
 better at anything i put my mind to!
i will try my BEST always!

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Using Montessori-inspired education, we offer a host of different art projects with sensory themes


We dedicate an hour everyday to have circle time discussion, games and activities  following our AMBIT model


Boxing, hockey, rounders - you name it, we play it! Fun-filled sports games to keep your child fit and active


We express the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. We set weekly team-based activities with prizes!

The amazing staff made Maisie feel completely safe and welcome. She came home every day telling me about new things she learnt! She got to experience new things and had some amazing times including the trampoline park, the animal encounter and Chessington


 You were all absolutely amazing. My children loved you all they didn't want to leave. They said how kind you all were, how much fun they had. You were amazing in every way possible and you made sure all the children had fun and were entertained. My kids can't wait to come back. They asked if could come every holiday which tells me a lot about how much they enjoyed it!


Gabby had the best time and really enjoyed herself. Thank you to the team



Sylvester had a wonderful time and I felt safe and secure to leave him with you as I knew he was happy. The food was amazing, he never ate pasta before but now asks for noodles so thank you too for that. I do hope you will carry on and looking forward to seeing you all next time.




Thanks for making it such a fun holiday club. Leo really enjoyed himself. What a bonus winning that Voucher it’s a really big help!


summer 2023  

Our AMBIT Goes Green holiday club was a great experience! We learnt about the importance of being kind to our planet, as well as how to reuse, reduce and recycle.

We took a trip to Deen's City Farm and had an inflatables fun day!


easter 2023  

For our Mindfulness and Kindness camp, we learnt about the importance of being kind to others, mindful of ourselves and working together! 

We also took a trip to Air Thrill inflatable park!


Our Celebrations Christmas Club
 was full of festive fun, learning and celebrating Diwali, Eid, Chinese New Year and Christmas. 

We also took a trip to watch Cinderella Pantomime at The Cyrer Arts theatre!


summer 2022  

Our Around the World Summer Club stopped in Africa and the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and USA.

We had a great time playing games, sports and trying different food from countries such as Ghana, Poland, China and Brazil.

We also took trips to Rosehill Trampoline Park and Chessington World of Adventures!