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We are big on mentoring - not just being good role models, but also ensuring we are good listeners.

We know that implementing youth voice in our work and session delivery works. Our mentoring programmes are built around the needs of the children and young people we work alongside.


Our safe spaces are ILFE - An Inclusive, Learning-Friendly Environment  that welcomes, nurtures, and educates all young people regardless of their gender, physical, intellectual, social economic, emotional, linguistic, or other characteristics. They may be disabled and gifted children; street or working children; children of remote or nomadic peoples; children from linguistic, ethnic or cultural minorities; children affected by HIV/AIDS; or children from other disadvantaged or marginalized areas or groups. 




Careers, education and guidance

Social health and wellbeing

Identifying passions, stimulating goal-building and outlining career prospects

Theory and practical based activities around social life skills


Confidence and self-esteem building

Group work and self-development tasks




Leadership and community participation

Engagement with community leaders to inspire action



restorative justice and conflict transformation

Reflection-based discussion and activities



Workshops are customised to the needs of the client, with a minimum of 6 sessions per pillar.

Workshops can be delivered across the full academic year from a 6-38 week programme.

Clients can select between 1-5 of our AMBIT Model pillars for a bespoke timetable suitable for the needs of their children and young people. 

Our AMBIT Journal is a necessary component for our sessions. Young people can record their ideas, session notes and has a host of relevant information for young people (almost as important as their school diary!)

You can request a journal page sample - please use the contact form below!

* Based on 36/38 week programme


We like to keep things simple. Please see below for more information about us and our services
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    No, I'm sorry. The safest way to keep my self and my team away from scams is to avoid mailing issues.
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    Simply by contacting me! I will keep you posted on any new information coming up on my website. If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, do not hsitate to reach out. I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you!

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